Sporty Bands


Hello Sunshine’s ~

I’m Danniela, I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Pilates specialist, Triathlon Coach in this field of exercise I’ve always got my hair pulled back, I’m also the type that likes to spice things up with adding headbands or something to my hair however, I hated that I had to use a ton of Bobbi pins to keep it on So, I’ve come up with Sporty Bands “The Sports band that stays on!”. I’ve designed this Sporty Band to stay in one place when your working out or just want to spice your look up when your out and about.  

 I  introduced these to my friends, family and clients they can’t  get enough of them so, I’ve come up with this web site so share them with you to.


1 Response to "Home"

Hi Dani,
I owe you some money for sporty bands I got after pilates. I was gone the next 2 Tuesdays. I also need to send back to you 3 of the bands that were way too big. Please let me know your address.


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